Changing Tides

Changing Tides Changing Tides is the heartwarming story of a man s struggle with his teen daughter and the revelatory relationship he finds with another man

  • Title: Changing Tides
  • Author: Michael Thomas Ford
  • ISBN: 9780758210593
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Changing Tides is the heartwarming story of a man s struggle with his teen daughter, and the revelatory relationship he finds with another man.

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    Changing Tides

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      Michael Thomas Ford is the author of than fifty books, for both young readers and adults, in genres ranging from humor to horror, literary fiction to nonfiction As a writer for young adults he is the author of the popular Circle of Three series writing as Isobel Bird nonfiction books about spirituality Paths of Faith , the AIDS crisis Voices of AIDS , and the gay community The World Out There and Speaking Out and the novels Suicide Notes and Z forthcoming in 2010.His work for adult readers includes the best selling novels Last Summer, Looking for It, Full Circle, Changing Tides, and What We Remember, and Jane Bites Back His work has been nominated for 12 Lambda Literary Awards, twice winning for Best Humor Book, twice for Best Romance Novel, and most recently for Gay Men s Mystery He was also nominated for a Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Award for his novel The Dollhouse That Time Forgot and a Gaylactic Spectrum Award for his short story Night of the Werepuss.


    1. 4,5 stars Has it ever happen to you you got a notification that someone liked your review and your first thought was It has to be a mistake I have never read a book with this title Of course you have But you have already forgot Because it was nothing special in this book that could make you remember it weeks later.Michael Thomas Ford writes books I won t forget They are memorable I love everything of this authors I ve read before and this book didn t disappoint me either.I like books with a mult [...]

    2. Wow, I m totally impressed I ve discovered that not only Steinbeck has a way of bringing people together in curious ways.With some novels which switch usually the narrative between two characters you can lose the flow of the story This novel is clever in the way that the three characters not only have completely different voices, but it deals with both straight and gay characters in equal measure, and in a fully fleshed and multidimensional way.Ben Ransome, a 40 something marine biologist living [...]

    3. I read this during an 18 hour train trip and despite all the other entertainment at my fingertips in my iPod, I could not put this book down I really like Michael Thomas Ford s essays, and I had a feeling I d like his novel work as well, but this one, which was said to be his best, was incredibly difficult to find in Utah However, during my visit to The Castro in San Francisco I found that famous bookstore A Different Light, and knew I d find this book there with no trouble I did fancy that , an [...]

    4. This is my second book by Michael Thomas Ford and I must say that he has the craft of writing down pat I don t know anything about his background, and there s not much that is revealed by a casual google search, but I am mildly obsessed with how his stories come to life He has a precision in describing small actions such as eating a sandwich which put you right into the story, right there with the characters He includes mastery level knowledge of very specific subject matter, in this case, marin [...]

    5. Michael Thomas Ford has evolved into an excellent writer of human nature Marine biologist,Ben Ransome, has forgotten how to live by totally imersing himself in his work His world is turned upside down by the arrival of his sixteen year old rebellious daughter, Caddie,who he hasn t seen in 7 years Ben is in the dark when it comes to even talking to Caddie To further complicate matters,Hudson Jones, a young, gay man on an academic research to find the truth behing the relationship between John Ste [...]

    6. This review contains spoilers for the book Don t read if you don t want to know.This books is told from three points of view, Ben, a marine biologist, a visitor named Hudson, and Ben s 16 year old daughter Caddie I m not a big fan of shifting points of view, but at least Ford gives each character full chapters, which makes it less jarring for the reader.Personally, I tend to get attached to one character s view and would rather stick with that However, in this book that would definitely limit t [...]

    7. This book is essentially a romance and it s a delivered believably with a minumum of sentiementality The characters are all realistically drawn, likeable and refreshingly different Their inner musings never get overwrought except for the teenager s and hers need to be The backrop the author has set up Monterey, Steinbeck, scuba society and marine biology is richly detailedand appealing I appreciated how the literary mystery in the book s center mirrors what s happening in the main characters liv [...]

    8. I skimmed this because my Dad asked me to and I love Monterrey However, the first kiss isn t until 75% and I dislike stories about teenagers My Dad seems to like them because I was one so he was in this position He loved the last first sex scene so I read that to see what he was talking about.

    9. This was a great book Although it s classified as Gay Fiction, the sexuality of the characters was somewhat minor to the story It was much about who they where as people and how they arrived at that place in their life While there was MM sex, it was tame and intrinsic to the story line.

    10. I am currently in the process of reading Last Summer by Michael Thomas Ford and enjoying it very much About 3 months earlier I read Ford s Changing Tides and somehow never got around to writing a review of it so today I m tackling that book I try to review books shortly after I have read them so my impressions are clear in my mind and not clouded by plots and characters of stories I have read since Hopefully I will do the author justice.This story takes place in Monterey, CA and is told from the [...]

    11. it s a summer in Monterey, on Cannery Row yes, Steinbeck s Cannery row, makes you want to go and read or reread it , you have Ben, a marine biologist, diver who is waiting for his daughter whom he sees very little of to move in for the summer Caddie named after a creature of the sea, won t spoil it for you 16, is angry and not so happy to be dumped on her father s doorstep Hudson, is on a quest to authenticate a manuscript maybe written by Steinbeck It s a coming of age summer for all three I li [...]

    12. This book is a wonderful piece of literature Well written and compelling, the story works on various levels The author explores the writing of John Steinbeck and Monterey, California, the setting of Cannery Row Amid this background is a complex story of a daughter getting to know her estranged father and the father getting to know himself Ben is a marine biologist and there are many scientific discussions enhance the book Caddie is his daughter who is forced to stay the summer with her father Hu [...]

    13. Wow I was hooked from the first page, as Ben is diving I know nothing at all about the subject or sea life, but I could see and understand everything that the author was describing Makes me want to learn how to dive, myself I was a little annoyed when we left Ben s POV for Hudson, but I gradually came to love him as well.Don t get this book if all you are interested in is the gay storyline It took about half of the book before they even meet.I loved this book and plan to hunt down the author s o [...]

    14. Real slow getting out Felt like I was being tortured by useless info about marine biology, Steinbeck, and this dissertation It just came across like the author either wanted to show off his researching ability or force the reader to read about things he loves under the false pretense of a gay romance It improved, but ultimately the tactics of switching from pivotal plot to boring extra crap on sea slugs and this heinous manuscript within was enough to keep me from giving it 3 stars Last Summer a [...]

    15. Wowwhat a pleasant surprise I can t even begin to describe how wonderful it is to read a book about gay men who come together, and there remains a solid story even though someone ISN T dying from AIDS I know it s a reality, but I m burnt out on realities Life is hard enough, and I want a happy escape every now and then.Usually in fiction we can t even seem to catch a break Hooray for homo happy endings

    16. 4 1 2 starsExcellent, solid read The three main characters, Ben, Hudson and Ben s daughter, Caddie, are all interesting people who are searching for that most elusive thing for anyone connections within themselves and with each other.

    17. I could criticize this for feeling like one of those Lifetime channel movies of the weekbut it s a very good movie of the week, and one I m surprised hasn t been snapped up for a TV adaptation It s nothing remarkable the Caddie storyline is a bit 90210 ish , but it s comforting and engaging, and the developing relationship between Ben Hudson is handled with deft gentle skill Comfort reading of substantial quality.

    18. Everything about this story was a total joy From teenage angst to father daughter relationships, the dos don ts of safe diving to Pacific anemones nudibranchs The author has even got me thinking I need to read Steinbeck

    19. OverallWhile this book started off slow perhaps even extremely slow , I felt it was worth holding out for the ending The style of writing was enjoyable and with the constant references to Steinbeck, I feel like something of the story whether it was writing style or plot progression harkened back to it, although I haven t read much any Steinbeck, so I can t say for certain.The development of characters is the main focus of the story, with the romantic relationship taking the back seat of the bus [...]

    20. Ben Ransome s summer is taking an interesting twist His ex wife, who lives in LA, has asked that he take in his 16 year old daughter for the summer Caddie has reached that awkward age when everyone is against them and nothing is going right Her mom needs a break, and is hoping Ben will have better luck with her This is not going to be easy since Ben has not really been a major part of Caddie s life since she was 9 years old.Since then, he has moved to Monterey, the setting of some of John Steinb [...]

    21. I borrowed this book from my local library At the end of it I found a hand written note saying Writer is the Rachmaninov of gay literature reduce notes by 50% would result in an improve work I could not differ any from this comment Is it not words the only tool to create and recreate alternate worlds in fiction What Michael Thomas Ford does is actually take the time and space to construct his three main characters and lead the reader to understand them and discover them as they do it themselves [...]

    22. Okay, so this book was so bad not that you can t tell from the very bad cover but I was hoping for something light, easy and entertaining and I m a sucker for stories about people who think they re straight but actually aren t that I briefly considered not actually listing it up here in a feeble effort to preserve my dignity But I decided it was worth the shame in order to have an excuse to post the following three rules Just as a public service 1 If you are a writer who can only manage semi pal [...]

    23. Michael Thomas Ford is becoming my go to author for well written stories about gay men living in the heterosexual world This story had a couple of major story lines The first was the return of the main characters snarky or is that just understood 16 year old daughter to his home in Cannary Row The second is a search by a young man who s lover found a manuscript supposedly written by one of John Stienbeck s close friends to find if it is total fiction or somewhat based on truth To this mix are se [...]

    24. This is the story of a marine biologist living in Monterey, California and of a young writer searching for long lost papers of Steinbeck The margine biologist, divorced from his glamorous Southern California wife, is given an unwelcome surprise visit by his daughter Over the course of the novel, the writer and the biologist get together, and the daughter grows up The story seems a bit too contrived, however Ben, the marine biologist, is so self unaware that he seemingly doesn t realize he s gay, [...]

    25. Slow beginning but a great ending awaits those who can hang on and not be swept away The relationship between a divorced dad and his teenage daughter takes center stage Ford does a great job with character development and helping the reader relate to the people involved I love the ocean but found the underwater diving episodes did not hold my interest In the final chapters the dad Ben realizes he s gay which hasn t been an issue during most of the book Hudson comes to terms with his past and sta [...]

    26. Good Book.with lots of facts on author,John Steinbeck, although the book is a work of fiction The setting is Monterrey California, the same setting as Steinbeck s CANNERY ROW We can all suppose what could have been and that makes life interesting.Ford write about the life of a Marine Biologist, Ben Ransome, who is living and working in Monterrey, California He explores Ben s life, his relationship to his daughter and the to young man who is doing research in Monterrey for his PhD Dissertation on [...]

    27. The characters and the story werw compelling, though the resolution seemed to come too easily However the background of Monterey and the marine biology backgroun set it apart from the average m m romance It was actually less of a romance than a story of coming out and acceptance of who you are, no matter if told from the point of view of a 16 year old girl trying to fit in, or a man admitting that what he believed he was his whole life, might not be who he is now Ford has an easy style to read I [...]

    28. Not a bad read A bit substance than the typical M M romance, with some believable characters and inter family conflicts as well as the themes of growing up and moving on from experiences that keep you from being able to Surprisingly I ended up liking a character that was just completely insufferable for about half of the book Unfortunately suffers from an author attempting to write as Steinbeck himself in the form of an undiscovered manuscript I feel that it would be effective to just refer to [...]

    29. Marine biologist Ben Ransome has a life changing summer when his ex wife delivers his sixteen year old daughter for a three month visit, and he meets a young graduate student who has come to Monterey to do some research on John Steinbeck Ford s descriptions of scuba diving off the Monterey coast are compelling Character development could be better The daughter comes off as a stereotypically angry teen, and her problems with her mother, and thus the reason for her imposed visit to her father are [...]

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