Last Summer

Last Summer Michael Thomas Ford delivers a triumphant first novel about a group of gay men looking for love losing the past and finding themselves in the bars and on the beaches of Provincetown Josh Felling has

  • Title: Last Summer
  • Author: Michael Thomas Ford
  • ISBN: 9780758204066
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael Thomas Ford delivers a triumphant first novel about a group of gay men looking for love, losing the past, and finding themselves in the bars and on the beaches of Provincetown Josh Felling has always been a romantic up until the moment his lover Doug announced that he d had an affair with a guy from their gym Now, with his life playing out like a very bad movieMichael Thomas Ford delivers a triumphant first novel about a group of gay men looking for love, losing the past, and finding themselves in the bars and on the beaches of Provincetown Josh Felling has always been a romantic up until the moment his lover Doug announced that he d had an affair with a guy from their gym Now, with his life playing out like a very bad movie of the week, Josh impulsively heads to the Cape for a few days long enough to figure out where his relationship what s left of it might be going But the summer has other plans for Josh, and his trip to P town will bring bigger changes than he ever imagined With its windswept dunes, lazy summer days, and starry nights filled with possibilities, Provincetown holds special appeal for those who call it home d for those who come seeking its open welcome People like Reilly Brennan, son of an old P town family, whose days are caught up in wedding plans, even as his nights are increasingly taken over by heated fantasies about other men.Wide eyed, blond haired, All American Toby Evans, an escapee from the Midwest ready to spend the summer in the equivalent of gay boot camp for anyone who will tutor him.Elegant Emmeline, age unknown, a southern belle straight out of Faulkner, with a mean drag act and almost enough money for her permanent gender transformation.Ty Rusk, one of Hollywood s hottest new stars hiding an ages old secrets about to explode Wea

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      Michael Thomas Ford is the author of than fifty books, for both young readers and adults, in genres ranging from humor to horror, literary fiction to nonfiction As a writer for young adults he is the author of the popular Circle of Three series writing as Isobel Bird nonfiction books about spirituality Paths of Faith , the AIDS crisis Voices of AIDS , and the gay community The World Out There and Speaking Out and the novels Suicide Notes and Z forthcoming in 2010.His work for adult readers includes the best selling novels Last Summer, Looking for It, Full Circle, Changing Tides, and What We Remember, and Jane Bites Back His work has been nominated for 12 Lambda Literary Awards, twice winning for Best Humor Book, twice for Best Romance Novel, and most recently for Gay Men s Mystery He was also nominated for a Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Award for his novel The Dollhouse That Time Forgot and a Gaylactic Spectrum Award for his short story Night of the Werepuss.


    1. Audible4,5 stars It was like reading many books at once, having being introduced to so many different fates and so many different people in one place It s why reading Lust Summer was like watching a soap opera, but I don t mean it negatively, not at all The story takes place in Provincetown in Massachusetts, during summer time You ll find many wonderful and also not characters openly living gays and lesbians, gays in the closet, normal people and celebrities, as well as a transgender drag queen [...]

    2. When handed this book and told it was a gay romance novel I admittedly thought great just what I dont want Though being that I had nothing to do for several hours and my friend had kindly brought this book to me I figured what the hell I am so glad that I did So far from what I would call a romance novel It is a book that dives into the lives of multiple characters as the struggle with things very real to them From the unfaithful partner and deciding to forgive or walk away, to a man transition [...]

    3. A beautiful story with an engaging cast of characters Last Summer is an excellent read especially for the summer The story follows the lives of a group of people who are visiting or living in Province Town during the summer months For each person this summer is a time of change, self realisation and growth The story has an excellent way of weaving around events in the life of each of the main characters, and it is well paced and deeply engrossing I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    4. To be honest, gay fiction has not been at the top of my to read list The few efforts I have read have been pretty dismal This book is certainly an exception It s not great literature perhaps, but it is indeed a fine effort Sure, there are problems straight people here are almost non existent or closet gays Then again, this is fiction I ll be reading of this author.

    5. I really enjoyed this book, which reads like a collection of interwoven short stories The characters were as diverse as the stories they starred in each story special in its own way.You feel the anger and betrayal of Josh, even if it seems it s long overdue You experience the doubt and yearning long suppressed by Reilly Toby and his innocence makes you want to cry for him The lives and loves and antics of all written in Last Summer leave a reader satisfied and longing for such a summer.

    6. Life, love and hot sex are woven into a summer in Provencetown This is Ford s first try at a serious look at gay life and the human spirit A good read but a familiar one as stories go.

    7. This is the first novel written by a humor essayist that I have been reading lately It brings the reader to Provincetown on Cape Cod in Massachusetts Known to be a queer haven and vacation getaway, P town welcomes a series of characters destined to become intertwined as they search for some summer fun and a chance to get away from their troubles, perhaps redefining themselves in the process.Bostonian Josh Felling is on the run from his 8 year relationship after learning that his partner Doug has [...]

    8. As posted in Last Summer is one of the best gay novels I ve read even though the plots are fairly simple But, hey, sometimes simple is best, right I enjoyed this book because it is diversed with characters that are gay, lesbian, transgendered and questioning Josh escapes to P Town from Boston after learning that his lover, Doug, has cheated on him Toby escapes P Town from his conservative and close minded family after coming out to them Ty and Reid, a Hollywood star and producer, escapes there [...]

    9. Though it s been nearly 30 years since I was last in P Town, prior to that I had spent parts of ten summers there I wasn t expecting much than a light bit of fluff from the book, and now that I m done I m wondering why I should give it less than five stars and can t think of a reason I know most of the characters I know the daily routine of brunch, beach, tea dance, dinner and nightlife The book wasn t at all a cliche for me, an old feeling of total comfort and freedom I ll be reading Ford s o [...]

    10. This is an author that I have really come to enjoy reading I started reading his work several years ago in an anthology I believe and picked up some of his other books This book is not only on my virtual bookshelf but one that I have kept on my physical bookshelf.

    11. The prose and the narrative is not as strong as other novels from MTF but that doesn t make it less enjoyable You ll fall in love with the idea of extended families.

    12. Earlier this year I read Changing Tides by Michael Thomas Ford which I found very enjoyable I found out that he has written or co authored a large number of books covering a variety of genres over a twenty year period and added a couple of them to my To Read list Last Summer was the one that most intrigued me in part I think because it takes place in Provincetown I came out as a gay man while living in Boston oh so many years ago since P Town was an easy two hour drive from Boston and also has a [...]

    13. This has to be my favorite big soapy summertime novel to read from author Michael Thomas Ford.I was waiting for summer to dust this book off, it s tattered and worn but my go to book on the hot days of summer when I just want to read something highly entertaining and well written to boot.Each of the characters in this book are running from something and we meet the first in a large cast of characters Josh.Josh has been living happily he thought with his boyfriend of 7 years Doug.Josh world is bl [...]

    14. This book was like a bad dream It just wouldn t end It took me over 3 weeks to finish this book I kept putting it down and struggling to pick it back up In the end however, I m glad I finished it.There are dozens of characters in this book and I ll tell you, I still can t really keep them all straight, not that any of them are, but centers on Josh, a man cheated on who leaves for Provincetown to find himself Queens, trannies, lesbians, and twinks There s some pretty hot sex scenes but it s not a [...]

    15. I like the way Ford writes He s got a great flair with dialogue and he does a good job creating his characters However, his major flaws are his use of switching point of view from chapter to chapter and having too many characters In LAST SUMMER, I just wanted to read about Josh and the characters who directly impacted his life Instead, I got a whole boatload of characters, many of whom I didn t care for If he d focused just on Josh and his point of view, this would ve been a winner The book star [...]

    16. I m actually starting to wonder if Ford is sponsored by the meat industry or if he just is an anal vegan hater or if he s been left or cheated on by a vegan and all those stupid anti vegan comments and meat glorifcations are his revenge What ever it s really getting on my nerves Otherwise it could have been a three star rating but in adittion to me getting and annoyed by Ford s anti vegan campaig it was a tiny bit too ambitious, too long and too cheesy That being said, in comparision to all th [...]

    17. I am not a proponent for many, many story lines going on at the same time I find that I have an interest in only few of the character lines being developed and forced to follow the others to get back to who I want to know what is going on It is difficult for me to give a low rating simply because I don t agree with the author style.

    18. I read this book for a book club and I really didn t like it I have to say that the discussions that came out of the club meeting were great, but the book itself was flat, trite, and none of the characters had any depth It is a frothy soap opera p.s If I knew how to do just 1 2 stars I would rate it that instead.

    19. I loved how every character had a story Initially these were all separate, everyone living their own lives, but gradually the paths started crossing and the stories interwove Just like real life It never presented a happy ever after but it offered a happy in yourself.

    20. Funny, touching, heartbreaking and wonderful dialogue in this gay romance set in provincetown, MA They seemed to be a lot of stories in this one book Some were interesting than others He s a great writer and his later works are stellar Full Circle, Change of Tides, The Road Home.

    21. I loved this book I could see some of myself in some of the characters, which isn t necessarily a good thing

    22. It was enjoyable if not a little long and slow paced I did find it to be a bit preachy and judgmental in parts.

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