Looking For It

Looking For It Mike Monaghan is the bartender at the Engine Room a meeting place for the small but thriving community of gay men in Cold Falls New York As Mike pours beer wipes glasses and hears everything he s

  • Title: Looking For It
  • Author: Michael Thomas Ford
  • ISBN: 9780758204080
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mike Monaghan is the bartender at the Engine Room, a meeting place for the small but thriving community of gay men in Cold Falls, New York As Mike pours beer, wipes glasses and hears everything, he s also witness to the men who come here looking for what they need sex, direction, friendship, spiritual fulfillment, and love People like Stephen Darby As an accountant,Mike Monaghan is the bartender at the Engine Room, a meeting place for the small but thriving community of gay men in Cold Falls, New York As Mike pours beer, wipes glasses and hears everything, he s also witness to the men who come here looking for what they need sex, direction, friendship, spiritual fulfillment, and love People like Stephen Darby As an accountant, he knows many secrets But Stephen has his own secret, one he s never been able to share with anyone close to him Being the perfect son costs him dearly, and now it may take from him the one man he longs for Pete Thayer Playing it straight, Pete takes out his frustrations on transmissions and engines during the day, then spends his nights trying to quench his needs through anonymous sex But once the thrill of the forbidden begins to fade, what will he be left with John and Russell The golden couple in town has the ideal relationship everyone wants But behind the scenes, their storybook marriage is on the verge of facing some explosive trials that will shake both men completely Father Thomas Dunn More and the gentle priest is feeling a need to express the secret desires that conflict with his devotion to the church, sending his faith into a tailspin and making him question what he really wants from life Simon Bird He s a fixture in town, an old queen everyone finds amusing and entertaining Still mourning the loss of his longtime lover, Simon yearns

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    Looking For It

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    1. Michael Thomas Ford

      Michael Thomas Ford is the author of than fifty books, for both young readers and adults, in genres ranging from humor to horror, literary fiction to nonfiction As a writer for young adults he is the author of the popular Circle of Three series writing as Isobel Bird nonfiction books about spirituality Paths of Faith , the AIDS crisis Voices of AIDS , and the gay community The World Out There and Speaking Out and the novels Suicide Notes and Z forthcoming in 2010.His work for adult readers includes the best selling novels Last Summer, Looking for It, Full Circle, Changing Tides, and What We Remember, and Jane Bites Back His work has been nominated for 12 Lambda Literary Awards, twice winning for Best Humor Book, twice for Best Romance Novel, and most recently for Gay Men s Mystery He was also nominated for a Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Award for his novel The Dollhouse That Time Forgot and a Gaylactic Spectrum Award for his short story Night of the Werepuss.


    1. Audible4,5 stars Another great book from Michael Thomas Ford, one of my favourite authors by now With a fabulous voice of Blake Somerset, one of my favourite narrators in the meantime The main idea of this book for me is expressed in the very last quote We all looking for something And some of us are lucky enough to find it.This novel told us the stories of 8 different men of a small gay community in Cold Falls, New York There are parts in this book I really loved and some other maybe not as muc [...]

    2. This was what I have come to expect from Michael Thomas Ford, with the exception of one plot character arc that was decidedly darker than the author s usual fare I truly enjoy the camaraderie depicted among the men, the long time relationships and the germination of new romance Hat tip to Lena for turning me onto MTF.

    3. This is the third book I have read by Ford in the past year or so and I have enjoyed every one of them Like Changing Tides and Last Summer Ford uses a shifting POV, writing short, well crafted chapters, in which we soon become captivated by the cast of characters he creates Ford has recently become a favorite author of mine and I look forward to soon reading his Full Circle which sounds like it might be even better than the three I have already read by him.

    4. As we follow the stories of six men whose lives weave together in a small New York town, we are shown the good, the difficulties, and the heartbreak of relationships We are given a gamut of men, with those who are looking for love, those who have given up hope of finding someone, those who are in denial about their sexuality, those in a committed relationship and those who have lost their partner and struggling to return to the scene as an old man The accounts are sometimes amusing, sometimes he [...]

    5. While this is a superior, darker effort to Last Summer , it retains the author s biting humor It suffers however, from almost too many characters Ford creates interesting and well drawn characters, but the sheer number means that many of the intriguing damaged souls get short changed in the story telling The best reads often benefit from the best editors and there is not enough evidence of that editing here I certainly look forward to reading of the author s work however, and hope that my smal [...]

    6. I was wandering a lot around Michael Thomas Ford s novels, never deciding to buy one since, first there were so many to choose from that I didn t know where to start and second I was worried to become addicted and knowing me if I liked one than I for sure I would have bought all of them So I waited and waited and then in a gay bookstore they were all there, looking at me from the shelves and they are so pretty with those covers that I picked one The saleswoman told me pick one random, they are a [...]

    7. With Ford s second novel, he shifts the setting from Provincetown, Massachusetts to a small town in northern New York called Cold Falls While that might be different, he still centers his story on the shared experiences of a small group of people Each of them is looking for it, but the it is not what you might expect.Mike is at a turning point in his life He lost his whole family when their car was hit by a drunk driver when he was in high school Now, he is a bartender at a local gay bar called [...]

    8. This was a reread for me and one that I love even every time I read it Michael Thomas Ford, in every book I ve read of is, does a fantastic job of creating believable characters that even when they are doing horrific things, the reader is still able to relate to what s going on And that s what this book is about for me, the characters.The book tells the story of nine gay men as they navigate through life from Halloween night to New Year s Eve The time span is pretty short but the development th [...]

    9. Not Ford s best but worth reading The book revolves aroung the lives, loves and breakups of seven men in a small upstate New York town Ford manages to capture the intricasies of life in these men.

    10. One of my favorite writers A large cast of characters to deal with but I truly cared about a majority of them and got drawn in to their world Need to read of Ford s work

    11. This is the first book by Michael Thomas Ford I picked up, and I m sure I ll be reading many of his novels I just clicked with his style of writing and storytelling from the first chapter It has a contemplative, melancholic but at the same time hopeful tone I really like Somehow while reading this I was thinking of my another favorite author Adam Fitzroy these guys are both fantastic at writing about relationship of mature older men and still make it seem relevant to a single female reader in h [...]

    12. This follows the lives of seven gay men in the small town of Cold Falls NY There s Mike who s one of the bartenders at the town s gay bar He has friends but feels unfulfilled Then there s Stephen who is out to his gay friends but not his family Next up is Pete who is gay but can t handle it He acts str8 and goes out for anonymous sex with mend sometimes beats the guys up There s a couple John and Russell who have been together many years but their relationship is slowly crumbling There s Father [...]

    13. I am a big fan of Ford s and he has been one of my favorite gay story writers However, this particular novel was not at the standard of his other stories His characters are either sad to be gay,not accepting that they are gay or openly homophobic about their gayness This may be because the book was written much earlier than I thought But again, it reference some actions in the book at hate crimes and itseems to me that that legislation happened after 2000 and google seems to say it was 2010 Alth [...]

    14. Set in a little town in upstate New York, we follow the lives of 7 men, all at turning points There are some really nice parts in this novel I especially liked Simon s story How to you live after losing your partner of 40 years How do you let go Simon visits Walter s grave, talks to him There s an universal truth here Doesn t matter that Simon is gay, that his partner was a man Ford succeeds in letting the reader see through Simon s eyes The budding love story of Mike and Thomas mirrors the trou [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book better than I enjoyed the last work I read by this author, mainly because he incorporated elements and storylines this time around, and so there were wider and varied perspectives expressed For me, there still seemed to be a bit oftachment is that the word I m looking for in the voice of the author if maybe I was getting a second hand account of the story as opposed to a front row seat I can t really explain it, but I enjoyed the story nonetheless Each of the characters bro [...]

    16. I only read half of this book, and at first I couldn t decide whether to give it 1 or 2 starsbut, ultimately, I suppose that any book I don t finish only deserves 1 star It was well written, with some interesting characters, but I don t enjoy degredation porn or self hating, violent, asshole closet cases At just past the 50% mark I decided that the story had too much of the latter it ouweighed the former I d started to feel like I should keep reading it, but didn t really want to keep reading it [...]

    17. Enjoyable gay read I like books like these because they re like LOGO specials and series you ll never see I like the mix of characters and they re mix of problems I like also that it s not set in a major metropolitan area and that they re a good bit of sex to heat up the proceedings The author hasn t given us much physical description of the characters which on the one hand allows the reader to drop people from his own life directly onto the character but the downside is before the get going the [...]

    18. Although I read the entire book, I found it depressing than enjoyable I enjoy gay and lesbian fiction, but there was so much unnecessary sex in this book that it took away from the actual story line.The scenes with Pete Thayer, a blatant homophobe who harbors homosexual tendencies, were especially explicit and, in some cases, disgusting, and I felt they did nothing to explain his beliefs and his character.There are lots of good fiction books out there dealing with gay men, but LOOKING FOR IT is [...]

    19. Some unpleasant dark stuff and violence in this one And Mike the bartender is supposedly the main character, but I don t think he s mentioned much often than anyone of the other characters Relationships, for better or worse, aren t really fully developed here, like there was a rush to get this to the publisher However, I m giving extra stars for his treatment of Simon.

    20. This is one of my favorite Michael Thomas Ford stories, even with the hard to read parts It s almost a collection of loosely connected stories where the same characters interact with one another At least up until near the end when all the thread woven throughout come together in a tapestry The brutality is real and abhorrent the love found between friends to lovers a soothing salve.

    21. I would have given it four stars, becuase I really liked the topics of elerdly gay man in search for partners and the psychollogy of homophobic bullying and how the novel is about the still exiscitng troubles of coming out and or denying your secuality.It was just too much sex I get how most of that was part of the psychology behind the characters but it was still too much.

    22. I had heard great things about this book, and I went into it not knowing what it was about Although I am a hetero female, I enjoyed reading from a gay male s point of view of life A little sexually graphic but a very enjoyable and well written read.

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had trouble putting it down Found myself laughing and on verge of tears on occasion Wasn t sure I d be able to follow so many characters as I usually read right at bedtime I m looking forward to reading by this author.

    24. I normally love Ford s books This, I struggled to finish There were too many characters in this book The pacing was very uneven and there was a whole lot of sex and violence The epilogue was barely coherent I just don t get the point of the antagonist villain.

    25. Another good read from Michael Thomas Ford a tender and endearing, romantic love story between bartender and an unlikely partner I loved it

    26. Not as fun as Last Summer this second book by Michael Thomas Ford is an intense read but ultimately a good read,highly recommended.

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