In the Greenwood

In the Greenwood In the Greenwood is a new short story by Mari Ness At the publisher s request this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software DRM applied

  • Title: In the Greenwood
  • Author: Mari Ness
  • ISBN: 9781466858824
  • Page: 451
  • Format: ebook
  • In the Greenwood is a new short story by Mari Ness.At the publisher s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software DRM applied.

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    In the Greenwood

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      Mari Ness Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In the Greenwood book, this is one of the most wanted Mari Ness author readers around the world.


    1. No, we don t always root for the good guys, but the ones we do root for tend to eventually become the good guys in our minds That s human We also love to be able to game the system, cheat the establishment, be the underdog who wins That s also human The lovable scoundrels are at the heart of the stories we love Thieves, assassins, spies, the whole Ocean s 11 gang, and, of course, the ultimate scoundrel hero Robin Hood The one who takes from the rich to give to the poor the one who fools the Esta [...]

    2. this one is a little riff on the robin hood legend, and has a complicated ending than what some of you might be expectingdisney is not known for its risk taking but this one does take that risk, and it is a really moving spin on tradition it is about sacrifice and the greater good and seeing past personal feelings and recognizing that even seemingly good deeds can have unexpectedly bad consequences s actually a little reminiscent of view spoiler hide spoiler i definitely enjoyed the perspective [...]

    3. A moving short story alternative version of the Robin Hood tale, told from Maid Marian s point of view It s very bittersweet maybe bitter than sweet, actually with an unexpected, dark twist I wouldn t have thought of making the Sheriff of Nottingham a sympathetic character, but it really works My heart hurts for all of the characters in this short story This one will haunt me for a while.Free online here at Tor.

    4. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

      n, is for M Ness4 StarsAfterwards, neither could agree on where they d first met, or when.I have spoken written, actually often about how much I prefer to be shown things than told them in a story In the Greenwood is a rather rare exception to that rule, for me I loved the tale from the bard feel to this Robin Hood retelling I found it almost lyrical feeling, which was simply lovely I thoroughly enjoyed the way Ness portrayed Robin and Lady Marion s although, never to my knowledge mentioned by n [...]

    5. I don t know much about Robin Hood, or really anything at all besides the basic premise, so that may have prevented me from enjoying parts of this story It was still beautifully written the descriptions of the greenwood were lovely, and I could almost smell the pine and bark, hear the soft rustle of the leaves.One thing I really did like was how the sheriff was portrayed as a man who was just doing his job, and trying to resist the king s demands when he felt that they were going too far I belie [...]

    6. It happened I gave five stars to a short story.I don t give out a lot of fives.This story was fucking incredible And I think that it is a story that just so happened to hit me the right way at the right time Because this story was so real, so full of goddamn truth.She is the lady in the tower, stealing secrets when she can, kisses when she cannot.He is the thief in the woods, stealing from the rich when he can, from the poor when he cannot.Everything about this story was perfection to me It is a [...]

    7. Opening lines Afterwards, neither could agree on where they d first met, or when She thought she d been six he said four Both agreed he d been older than she, although how much older was something they never discussed, nor tried to figure out, quite deliberately You may read online at Tor.

    8. 18 MAY 2014 many thanks to Bettie She knows my reading favorites as well as I do This will be my breakfast time reading this morning Be back soon This read perfectly with my coffee.

    9. In the Greenwood is an interesting take on an old story.The short doesn t use names, and instead relies on descriptions of each of the characters But the story s been told so many times that it doesn t really need names If you re familiar with the story at all, you know who everybody is.I liked the writing style The constant back and forth between his and her perspectives actually didn t annoy me here I also enjoyed the realistic study of the characters the short took stories about a legend and [...]

    10. Rating 3.5Interesting retelling of Robin Hood and his Merry Men , told from Maid Marian s point of view.No names are mentioned, but anyone knows the story to recognize it without trouble.I loved in particular that the Sheriff is not the black hearted villain from the other interpretations She is the lady in the tower, stealing secrets when she can, kisses when she cannot.He is the thief in the woods, stealing from the rich when he can, from the poor when he cannot Link here tor stories 2013 12 i [...]

    11. Very good short story novella While Robin Hood and Maid Marian are not directly named, as one of the other reviewers mentioned, there is no doubt about who these people are.Many traditional themes associated with the Robin Hood legend are intertwined in a clever, original way and the ending is both surprising and completely logical.The author is able to develop her characters and situation very effectively in a short space of pages Commendable.

    12. Among the many things I m a sucker for is Robin Hood stories This one, slyly, never mentions Robin, Marian, or any of the Merry Men by name but we know who s who here Lovely retelling of the legend, with a great twist at the end.

    13. A really beautiful take on an old story this was the Tor short debut for Mari Ness, and an impressive one History is written by the winners, at least most of the time, and this time we get to see it going all too realistically there s a depth and complexity to this version that has a ring of muddy truth Available free here tor 2013 12 04 in the

    14. A much nuanced and heart wrenching look at Robin Hood and Maid Marian What is the sheriff wasn t simply an evil man, but someone caught between difficult responsibilities What if Robin Hood was so dedicated to his own wars that he didn t see what he was doing to the people around him What if Maid Marian was the one who eventually the one who had to choose between her love and her people In short, this story was beautifully written and a really nice twist on the usual tale.

    15. A short little tale, but one that grants humanity to characters that are often considered inhuman, and paints others in a less that shining light.And for some reason, Greenman by Type O Negative is playing in my head

    16. I do not want to spoil the story, so I will not say much This is an interesting new fresh take of an old story, similarly to what is done in the work of Wicked Gregory Maguire I am looking forward reading by this author.

    17. She is the lady in the tower, stealing secrets when she can, kisses when she cannot.He is the thief in the woods, stealing from the rich when he can, from the poor when he cannot.A retelling of Robin Hood, with a dark twist.Lovely prose

    18. Robin Hood with a twist, and a very realistic one at that And that moment when you start sympathizing with the sheriff so much than with the outlaw well, then you know you re no longer a child.

    19. 3 1 2 Stars Wonderful retelling of a well known legend The different point of view shows just how complicated and conflicted their love story was Ms Ness brought the characters of legend from the realm of Disney and put them in the real world.

    20. Not him, she thinks Not him His men, perhaps, but not him He robs He jests He threatens He gives She is the lady in the tower, who steals secrets and sometimes kisses and he is the archer in the forest and she loves him, she loves him, she loves him.

    21. A good take on an old myth I like to think of it as an exploration of the consequences of poorly targeted revolutionism.

    22. I almost missed my bus because I had to read the last of this story It is a brilliant telling of the traditional tale.

    23. It s a good re telling, but I kept imagining Alan Rickman as a sheriff and well, I ll cut his heart out with a spoon.

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